Fast weight loss exercises for women

We all know that men and women do not have a similar physical structure. Likewise this applies to the exercises we do. Exercise is not the same for men and women. Most observed that women usually have fats on the hips and thighs. On the other hand, most men add weight in the middle of their body. Women’s exercise is intended not only to reduce weight but also tighten their bodies.

There are various women’s exercises that can help reduce weight quickly. The ideal weight loss training plan consists of cardio exercises, core strengthening exercises and weight training. Before starting a fitness program, you must be sure that weight loss is a gradual process and a reasonable time to show a measurable effect. After you feel comfortable with the current routine only then the intensity is raised. You should not cause pain in yourself and if you see the pain then immediately stop training and face the doctor. It is important to keep your body healthy and moisturize when you are involved in any exercise routine.

Two most popular women’s exercises are given below in detail:

Kardio exercise

Cardiovascular exercises increase heart rate. These exercises are very famous by reducing weight effectively and quickly. With simple words of exercise that produces sweat and increases heartbeat known as cardio exercises. If you want to lose weight quickly then you must follow cardio exercises with higher and higher intensity. Below are some examples of cardio exercises:


Elliptical machine.


Strength training.

There are many training programs that do not treat important strength training in routines. But his face is like cardio practice because strength training is very important to burn excessive fat from the body. It is usually believed that weight training can make a big or muscular physique while this is not a fact. Testosterone level is the reason for a heavy muscular body. Testosterone levels are higher in men than women. Weight actually works on flab and helps reduce weight. Below is given are some points you must remember when doing strength training.

Muscle building: Muscle is only built if they are given a task that is not used.

Intensity: After you start the weight, the body becomes accustomed to always adding or changing intensity such as repetition per set, weight or duration.

Rest: Exercise strength emphasizes your body muscles and by doing this exercise can cause injury to the muscles. So this needs to rest and rest when you do strength training.

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