4 types of general exercises you have to do

We are all unique in many aspects; Hopefully it’s physically, mentally or emotional. We also have a different desire and what we choose will depend on our taste. In the physical aspect, we have different facial features, type of body, height and weight. Some slim while others are fat. Some high while others are short. But we all have one common goal in terms of the way we want our bodies: we all want to be fit and healthy.

Fit and healthy is difficult to achieve and treated especially for those who like to eat but are lazy to move. This is general knowledge that one way to be fit and stay healthy is through regular exercise. There are various types of exercises and you can choose what type of exercise you want to do based on what your goals and parts of your body you want to develop.

There are 4 types of general exercises that can be done by sports professionals and health conscious individuals: flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, cardiovascular exercises or aerobics and anaerobic or weight lifting exercises. These exercises are different in the targeted part of our body.

Flexibility exercises are easy exercises that can be done every day. This type of exercise includes stretching and bending our bodies and through this type of exercise muscles and the connection we are prepared for other exercises and thus increases muscle movement and our joints. Furthermore, flexibility exercises such as yoga help reduce the risk of joint injury so it is safe even for parents.

Strengthening or resistance exercises are exercises that help make muscles and bones stronger. This type of exercise is recommended not to be done everyday but on the contrary every day or two. There are two types of strengthening exercises: one is an isometric exercise that is good for people who suffer from arthritis and others are isotonic that moves the joints and strengthens muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise or aerobics helps the heart and lungs function properly. This type of exercise increases the function of our vital part of our body including muscles. It also increases digestion and regulates the circulatory system. Some types of cardiovascular exercises are common running, jogging, and cycling. They are simple to do but proven to be very effective in being fit and losing weight.

The last type of exercise that is widely known and done is weight lifting exercise or anaerob. Anaerobic exercises include sit-ups, squat, push-ups and more. These exercises help develop muscles and increase our strength and stamina. They are effective in reducing weight and getting muscle.

Each type of sports can provide great benefits for our body and can make us live longer and happier. Make a habit of exercising every day and you will definitely get a healthy and fit body.

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