Found out your sunscreen was bad? Try This Alternative to Storebought Sun Block.

Have you realized that your sunscreen is no longer effective? Well, now there are alternative remedies that can help with sun protection. There are several studies about how CBD oil works as a skin protectant. This blog post will discuss the skin benefits of using CBD oil and provide examples of products on the market where you can use CBD oil for your everyday Sunscreen needs!

Benefits of using CBD oil:

CBD oil is becoming quite popular as an alternative to traditional sunscreen. However, the greatest benefit of using CBD for skincare is that it does not clog pores, which makes it a safe option even for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin types. Additionally, CBD can be applied directly on the face without the risk of toxic chemicals seeping into our bodies through your bloodstream and causing damage in other areas like liver function or brain health.

The difference between Sunscreens and Sunblocks:

Let’s discuss a few key differences between these two types of skincare products and what makes them different from one another. First off, let’s say that both have high SPF, which is good because it helps prevent harmful UV rays, but there is much more to it than just having a strong number associated with their product!

In terms of ingredients, when looking at store-bought options available today-sun the screen will typically contain only zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Meanwhile, most sunblocks contain chemical UV filters such as octinoxate and oxybenzone, which can be found in many popular brands like Coppertone or Banana Boat. Although these chemical ingredients do provide strong protection from the Sun, they also have been linked to side effects, including hormone disruption (leading to developmental defects), allergies and skin irritation.

Why use CBD oil instead of chemical sunscreen:

With this information, we understand that high SPF is crucial, but we cannot ignore all the negative health implications associated with store-bought lotions! As a result, you can turn more sustainable options into your DIY body care recipes at home using cbd oils. It’s important to know that while not every brand will have the same benefits, there are some great options to help fight skin ageing, sun damage, and signs of psoriasis.

CBD Oil Skin Care Products:

So how do you know which cbd sunscreen is best for your skin? Many brands sell high-quality pure organic CBD products online, for example, synchronicity; you get an original product with the best quality.


We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of why CBD is quickly becoming the preferred method for those who want to protect their skin from harsh elements.

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