Sports and asthma induced sports

Exercising helps people maintain body weight and body figures that are healthy and desirable, improve and strengthen the immune system and strengthen and tighten the muscles of the body. Most people who exercise and go to the gym expect anything but good health benefits whenever they go to the gym, right? Well, in the case of sports induced asthma, go to the gym and try hard to stay fit and sexy is no-no. Individuals who suffer from sports induced asthma are very discouraged to do specific exercises that can be truly heavy for the body, as well as the lungs.

You know, when someone gives the best in the exercise routine, it requires physical effort. When someone gives too many physical efforts, the breathing pattern can change and become affected, which can ultimately cause medical conditions called asthma induced by practice.

Sports and symptoms

Tightening chest, coughing and wheezing for or after exercising is just a few of the most common symptoms that may feel if he has an asthma induced by sports.

People who suffer from sports induced asthma are known to be very sensitive to moisture change and temperature. The dry and cold air experienced during or after exercise is a general trigger for asthma induced by sports. Exercising is considered a severe physical activity and when people exercise, they usually breathe through their mouths with dry and cold air to enter the bottom airways. Because the mouth is used to breathe, the nose does not have the opportunity to make warm and moist air for airways.

Breathing through mouth also provides more opportunities for air pollutants, viral respiratory infections, and high pollen counts to enter the airways and make wheeze while exercising more severely.

Reduce risk

Individuals suffering from sports induced asthma must reduce or avoid the risk of having an asthma attack by choosing not to exercise excessively. Small exercises such as fast roads, swimming, recreational cycling, free skiing, hiking and stretching somehow can be tolerated by patients who have sports induced asthma, but extreme physical sports such as basketball, soccer, long distance running, and The field hockey should be avoided by asthmatics caused by sports to avoid and prevent future asthma attacks.

Reduce risk because of asthma induced sports are simple and easy; You only need to avoid exercises that seem too heavy and need a lot of effort.

Ice hockey and cross-country skiing are activities that must be greatly avoided by people who have AMDAL due to cold weather and accompanying air can greatly place patients with the risk of other EIA attacks.

People who suffer from sports-induced asthma attacks must also try hard to keep themselves warm during cold weather. Wearing a surgical mask or scarf above the nose and mouth can be very helpful in reducing symptoms by mainly warming inhalation air.

Many alternatives

When someone is diagnosed with asthma induced by sports, it does not mean that it cannot participate in games, sports, and activities that need a lot of fun. People who suffer from asthma do not have to feel that they are not like normal people because of the fact that there are some sports and activities they cannot do because of their asthma.

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