Acupressure Facial Massage – Natural Facelift

Getting regular acupressure facials can do wonders to rejuvenate your skin, reduce wrinkles and lines and tighten muscles. Natural facelift! Combined with soft massage techniques, it feels good, very relaxed and you can do it yourself!

The concept of acupressure facial massage comes from traditional Chinese medicine. It teaches that our body is core energy, or Chi, moves through the channel, or meridian. This meridian has a specific pattern along the body. For optimal health, this energy needs to move smoothly and evenly through meridians. It’s common for channels to be slow, or discarded. This can create poor health and influence the muscles of the surface and body tissues. The general way is used to rebalance this meridian back with acupuncture or acupressure.

Some of this meridian and as a result the acupressure points walked on the neck and face. By stimulating the points gently along this meridian, you both relax and tighten the muscles, and bring fresh energy to the surface tissue. Combined with massage, circulation increases and overall skin is improved.

In giving yourself or someone else’s acupressure face massage, points can be stimulated in a different way. You can gently knock or massage points using a small circular motion. It’s fun to use a combination for variations. When you come to strict areas, like along the jaw, you can gently hold the area with a thumb or fingertip. Using acupressure this way, holding one or two minutes, you will help him relax and release it. By doing this, the area of ​​stemmed or solid energy released flows into other areas with more free.

Knowing the details where points and meridians can help, but are not always needed. In general, the main area that will be closed includes the following. Along the upper and bottom of the upper eye socket. Along the top and bottom of the eye socket below. Start the inside of the eye socket to the nose and work with a way out to the temples. West chin and going out to the jaw area. You can open and close your mouth to feel the jaw points. If this area is sick spending time applying soft pressure with your thumb or fingertips to help them relax.

Being in the public area of ​​the Acupressure point is usually needed. It’s easy to do on the face. The important thing is you are gentle and repeat. Spend a lot of time to the area. Combine this with a general massage stroke and your acupressure face massage is complete. Let yourself leave every day for this relaxed self-care, or better go to a massage therapist for your care. Soon you will see your face and skin look healthier and more shining and younger!

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