7 Top Reasons for Exercising for Better Health

As children, we have all been taught that exercise is one of the basic health needs. But only a few of us really stop to think about what real reason for exercising is actually. To help you appreciate the value of exercise, here are 7 main reasons why we need to exercise.

1. weight loss
The number of people who are overweight are very high, and this is the reason why weight loss is the main reason why people exercise today. The exercise burns calories, causing you to spill pounds. The more severe exercise, the more fat you can lose.

2. Disease Prevention
Many types of medical conditions have been avoided because of regular exercise. In fact, research has proven that sufficient and appropriate sports have reduced the risk of heart problems, strokes and cancer for millions of people around the world. However, around 80% of all cancer and heart conditions can still be traced with inadequate exercise. It only shows that people still have no exercise as much as they need to stay in peak conditions in terms of health.

3. Recovery from disease
In addition to being a great measure of prevention for certain diseases, sports can also be used as therapeutic assistance in the treatment of several diseases. Many exercises can increase cholesterol levels, triglycerides and other substances in the body to promote faster recovery. Scientific tests have been proven in recent years that breast cancer and prostate can be avoided or reduced if patients undergo a consistent exercise routine.

4. Improved mental skills
People who participate in physical activities regularly are usually vigilant happier and more mentally than those who do not exercise much. This is caused by endorphins produced in the body after a prolonged training routine. Other substances released after the training session are serotonin. This chemical gives a sense of health and high happiness, and also allows deeper and better sleep.

5. Better mood
You will see that regular exercise is usually very cheerful and always in a good mood. Next time you feel fussy, try to do fast exercises and observe changes that can be done for your mood.

6. Higher energy level
Adrenaline waves usually accompany training sessions, and higher energy levels are maintained if someone exercised regularly. Therefore, you might be more productive in any activity that you are right now.

7. Increased self-esteem
If you can integrate regular exercise into your daily life, you will soon experience that you feel good enough about yourself. You will be more confident and more eager to interact with others. In fact, people who exercise regularly usually have a much better sex life than those who don’t, and this can lead to a better relationship with your partner.

It’s just the most popular reason for exercising, and of course there are many more. When you start doing your training routine, you will be able to observe other benefits from exercising because they gradually occur at you. If you have never exercised before, there is no reason to worry because you are not alone. The great thing about exercising is you have hundreds of choices to choose from, and of course there will be one or two types of activities that you will find fun. Seeing all this great reason for exercising, you must definitely start as soon as possible to reap the benefits of exercising and going up to the road to better health.

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