Natural Back Pain Relief – Acupressure for Back Pain

Acupressure for lower back pain has proven to be very effective in providing assistance from pain in the back. The latest conclusions published in the British Medical Journal have determined the usefulness of this holistic method as a treatment for lower back pain patients.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medical practice that targets the same acupoint used in acupuncture. The main difference between these two methods is that acupressure uses pressure while acupuncture uses a needle. The most common pressure is applied with fingertips at specific pressure points on your skin.

Why use acupressure for back pain?

This latest research is significant in showing better results in treating lower back pain using the ACU pressure method rather than other methods of physical therapy. Pain, especially in the low back area, is usually a persistent condition and disables that disables patients, so this consequence is truly encouraging for sufferers throughout the world. After six acupressure treatments, study participants reported an immediate increase in their condition, and the results were durable.

Excessive painkillers who are usually used to relieve pain in the back can have serious side effects when long-term use. These side effects include heart dysfunction, bloody intestines and liver and kidney failure.

To avoid this serious side effect using pharmaceutical pain relievers, the use of de-drug techniques for pain management is needed especially when pain in the bottom of your back is persistent. It is also important to take advantage of treatment that really works on improving conditions, rather than just covering symptoms.

When the pressure points are used to relieve pain, it does both work: It includes symptoms and improves the patient’s condition, because it is a very helpful and safe healing method in all the back areas, including backs, buttocks, shoulders and neck. For the past thirty years, many Western scientific institutions have proven that Acupressure managed to cure lower back pain.

Does Acupressure really work in providing help from back pain?

Research at this high-ranking institute has been proven without a doubt that acupressure works on a physical body system, and not psychological. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be ‘believers’ to get help with Acupressure, such as millions of people who have benefited by Acupressure.

For a complete lower back healing, it is necessary for you to visit a practitioner. Fortunately there are many techniques used by professional acupressure healers that you can use to reduce pain and heal your painful conditions.

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