Choose the right fitness program

Starting a fitness program involves more than DVDs and several dumbbells. The most important part is to determine whether you will remain on the fitness program after you start.


We see this problem all the time at the beginning of the new year. Everyone joins a health club or a gym with every intention to go three or four times a week. Return to the same gym later a month and the place will be half empty compared to the first week of January. Why? People don’t develop practice habits.

There is no habit, no exercise

Most people don’t develop the habit of sticking to the fitness program. I know the first problem. About five years ago I began to go to the gym again after layoffs two years. The reason for my layoffs is busy with work and family or at least that’s the reason I use. The real problem is that I lost the habit of going to the gym and still used my fitness program.

After all, the first time I returned was very good. I ran about a mile on the treadmill and took a light appointment. However, the next day I paid training in the form of pain. My legs, back and arms hurt. Wounded put it. I can’t raise my hand without feeling pain.

Need to continue with the program

Am I returning the next day? Not. However, I returned two days later. I did the same type of practice again. The next day I was ready to hurt on my arms and legs again. But what do you know? There is no pain. I am now on the way to continue using my new fitness program.

The problem owned by most people is the pain they feel the next day after exercising. You need to be aware of the painful muscles are part of development. The main advice that I can give is not to practice your initial. Like the new thing you need to build in the previous step.

How do we teach children to swim?

We didn’t teach our children how to swim by throwing them to the inside and shouting, “swimming!” No, we teach our children progressively.

We have it swimming at the shallow tip first to build their courage and swim habits. I knew initially my children were afraid to jump to the pool, but after a few tried they were fine. Now they do twirls and jump high in the air to make a bigger spark.

Your new fitness program

Your new fitness program can do the same for you. Yes, initially it won’t be fun and a little scary, but the more you return the better you are. Today if I miss two or three consecutive days without running or doing some kind of physical fitness, my body doesn’t feel right. I know I have to exercise.

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